There was an account in the book of John9:4. A young man was born blind and he had an encounter with Jesus and his disciples asked, Master who sinned father? Mothers? Or the man? And Jesus answered no one sin it was so, So that the POWER OF GOD, might be seen In Him.

THE POWER – So that the ability and power of God could be expressed through us- there are so many problems in the world today, which are reasons why you are here and why I am here. Why he was born blind was that the glory of God might be seen. GLORY OF GOD.

Why am I here? The greatest tragedy in life is not death, the greatest tragedy is a life without purpose.

Because Purpose precedes Creation, before any conception of any project you consider the solution that the problem is going to solve. You are a solution to a particular problem as until you know your Purpose it may be difficult for you to fix the problem. Until you discover what you are created for( PURPOSE) you will be a misfit ( MIS-FIT).

Purpose doesn’t end at creation, it’s the beginning and end of the creature.

I have Purpose; Everything in Life has a purpose, God is a creator and he created you for a purpose. Until purpose is discovered abuse continues.







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