First of all let me burst your bubble, it’s not what you think 😀😀😀, no one scammed me, I’m of God.
Anyway, just drag your chair and follow me. I have another story to tell you this morning. You see, the Bible says “as a man thinks in His heart so is he”, if your thoughts is what determines the quality of your life, I think it’s wisdom to think right, and so I will encourage you to think about what you’re thinking.
For as a man think in His heart so is he, the question now is what are you thinking about? You can’t be thinking failure yet expect success, you can’t be thinking fear and expect your faith to work for you, because as you think so you are. Whatever you focused your thinking on will determine the direction of your energy, which will eventually power the manifestation of your thoughts. To maintain a productive and healthy thought life, be transformed by the renewing of your mind through the word of God and quality educational materials, the quality of your life is actually determined by the quality of your thoughts.

PHLIPIANS 4:19. @imbankol”And my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory” 😃😄, Just imagine the qualities of two minds at work. @iambankole

It was exactly 4:19 am that I woke up two days ago. Early yesterday morning, as I was about preparing for Sunday service, guest what, it was 4:19 again, and a cold water ran through my spine like What’s happening here? is someone going to 4:19 me? Am I getting wrong signal? or God is trying to tell me something.
All of a sudden my mood changed, i was looking for a good praise and worship music that will bring my spirit up. Do you see how human beings can bring something out of nothing ?
Long story cut short, it was a coincidence or paraventure my body Chemistry or Rhythm is beginning to adjust that way.
But you know what? , I was with my coach and I told him my experience, hear what he said , it will shock you.

As You Think So You Are, Shikenah!

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