The fact remains that you are created for a purpose, either you realize this or not. You’re created for a purpose; an assignment to fulfill the plans and agenda of God on Earth.

There seems to be three categories of people on earth:

  1. The Survivors.
  2. The successful and the
  3. The Significant.

This “3S” is the 3 groups of people on Earth.
The first are the those who just exist. They sleep and wake up with no direction, dreams nothing to hold on to. There’s simply nothing pushing them and they also are pushing nothing.

The second category are the Successful. They’re constantly in competition with their next-door naighbour. They have no dreams nor vision. Nothing drives them.

Then, the last category is the SIGNIFICANT, which is level we should all be. It’s the Level where you find your significance in life. In this category, you understand that there is a vision set before you and that you have a purpose upon your life and you are striving towards fulfilling this purpose. This is the point where joy and happiness starts. It’s the beginning of real life; where life begins to make meaning.

You may wonder, why is this issue of Purpose so important? It is the whole essence of your appearance on this planet. Without purpose, there would be absolutely no need to be here.

I have said this time and time again that your purpose is not for your purpose, it is for the purpose of others. It may look so small and insignificant now. You may not know the kind of impacts God is set to make in the life of that individual through you.

Read below, the testimonies of AY Dage, one of my teenagers who I’m privileged to mentor:

“Mrs Temitope Momoh, you are like a mother to many nations. Sometimes I wonder how you have an effective communication with lots of youths and teenagers and how you pay attention to them in different areas. I celebrate that grace. Personally, you have impacted my life in many ways. I will just mention a few.
Firstly, your personality has impacted me in a way that doing good to others is a Joyful thing and it should be a way of life.
Also, from you, I learnt the feeling of being successful depends on how many people you have impacted, and with that, I will make sure I have an impact on people
As ASOR Culture’s CEO, I have been opportuned to be part of your outings. It gave me a different view of seeing people. Also, some teachings that were sent on the ASOR WhatsApp Group, still rings on my head up till date.

I am so glad I met you.
For me personally, as a mother, you are always there. Thanks for the teachings. God bless you ma”

  • Ayodeji Akinrinlola.

When, I read his testimony, I realized that of a truth, purpose is God sending us on an errand for Him. Now, read this carefully: that idea that has being coming to your heart and you still feel so unconcerned about, may be that solution the one is waiting for. Mark Zuckerberg said in his statement that, ideas don’t fulling form and as you begin to pursue, the clarity and understanding will follow.

Take time out this week to pray for direction. Pray also that God should reveal your purpose unto you.

Have a glorious week ahead.

Remember purpose only find those who are busy adding Value.


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