I want to learn a new trade “but” …

I want to go back to school “but” …

I want to read a book in a month “but “…

I want to learn French “but” ..

You can as well put your own ‘but’, the list is inexhaustible. There was a time in my life I was struggling with a ‘BIG BUT’. I had a very strong feeling to start a teaching session with the teenagers but the ‘Big But’ will not let me. The ‘but’ was “But I’m not good enough”. “But I’m not a professional speaker”. “But my English is not polished” … Even now, I’m not yet at my prime but listen to this testimony:

” Mrs Temitope Momoh, you are like a mother to many nations .. Sometimes I wonder how you have an effective communication with lots of youths and teenagers and how you pay attention to them in different areas.   I celebrate that grace .. Personally, u have impacted my life in many ways. I will just mention a few.

Firstly, your personality has impacted me in a way that doing good to others is Joyful thing and it should be a way of life.

And from you, I learnt the feeling of being successful depends on how many people you have impacted.  And with that, I will make sure I have an impact on people

As ASOR culture CEO, I have been opportuned to be part of your outing, it gave me a different view of seeing people. And also, some teachings that went on the ASOR WhatsApp group still rings on my head up till date.

 I am so glad I met you.

For me personally, as a mother, you are always there. Thanks for the teaching. God bless you ma “

Ayodeji Akinrinlola

The above testimony confirmed that I was actually sent to a group of people. Regardless of my “but”, he got the message. I’m not against self-development and working towards perfection. I believe all these will meet you on your way as you go on fulfilling Purpose. Kill that ‘But’ and take a step towards fulfilling purpose in your life.

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