Purposeful Living

Episode 1

This morning, I feel compelled to remind someone that you are CREATED FOR A PURPOSE. He created you to fulfill a specific assignment; that is your purpose. You existed before conception. Jeremiah 1:5 ordained you, employed you, and equipped you for a particular assignment.Until you discover your purpose, you’ll be a misfit, as mentioned by Dr. Same Ekundayo. Purpose isn’t confined to creation; it is both the beginning and end of creation. When people pass away, purpose persists.Everything in life serves a purpose. Regardless of your current challenges, refrain from looking down on yourself. Others may underestimate you, but never underestimate yourself.Take the responsibility of knowing your purpose. God is the source of purpose; it is found only in His mind. Everything in life has a purpose, and it is the key to fulfillment. Purpose determines provisions and rewards. It is intrinsic, encoded into your being. Purpose was created to outlast you.Task for the week: Go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to reveal your purpose for your creation. Until you understand your purpose, life will continue to be trial and error. I see you getting it right in Jesus’ name.For more inquiries:WhatsApp only: +2349011218261Email: temitopemomohtm@gmail.com@Temitope MomohAsor Culture Int’l

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