The mistake a lot of people make nowadays is waiting for that big moment for them to show themselves.

The truth of the matter is there is no big moment anywhere.

The bibles says in Zech 4:10.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin “

There is something special about the small beginnings.

It is during the time of small beginnings that God works on our character which in time will show its strength in purpose.

Small beginnings if not despised can inspire greatness.

Small things if well invested can be transformed into great things.

Don’t think about .. What if it doesn’t work? , What if I don’t do well?

Why don’t you change your thinking to… What if I do well? What if I make it?. Basically, everything deals with the mind. Negativity blocks your chances of fulfilling your purpose but when you inculcate the habit of positivity, you begin to see the possibilities, and you begin to see the bright side of it all.

A lot of people talk their miracle out when they say they are not able, that is fear speaking.

FEAR means (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL). It is just an illusion. And you can break it by simply taking that action today.


No matter how good you are in this life, If you don’t take action, You can’t be known.

Remember, Only you can make that big moment a reality.

*The beginning of Success in life is action.*



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